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Documentation for the halfmodetofourier processing module

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......@@ -135,6 +135,7 @@ v5.0.0
- Fixed nparts option in FieldConvert and automated Info.xml generation (!995)
- Added if statement to fix case of 1D/2D manifold interpolation in 1D/2D space,
added check on dimensions for interpolation, fixed seg interp (!999)
- Add field conversion from Halfmode to SingleMode (!????)
- Replace steady-state check based on difference of norms by check based on
......@@ -1151,10 +1151,14 @@ table above.
\item \inltt{ModeType}: this specifies the type of the quasi-3D problem to be solved.
\item \inltt{MultipleMode} (stability analysis with multiple modes).
\item \inltt{SingleMode} (BiGlobal Stability Analysis: full-complex mode).
\item \inltt{MultipleMode} (stability analysis with multiple modes, \inltt{HomModesZ} sets number of modes).
\item \inltt{SingleMode} (BiGlobal Stability Analysis: full-complex mode. Overrides \inltt{HomModesZ} to 1.).
\item \inltt{HalfMode} (BiGlobal Stability Analysis: half-complex mode u.Re v.Re w.Im p.Re).
For visualization of \inltt{Homogeneous} results with \inltt{FieldConvert} you can use \inltt{-{}-output-points-hom-z} to set output number of modes to a desired value.
To process results obtained with \inltt{HalfMode} you can convert to \inltt{SingleMode} using \inltt{FieldConvert} module \inltt{halfmodetofourier}.
......@@ -1167,7 +1171,7 @@ The following parameters can be specified in the \texttt{PARAMETERS} section of
\item \inltt{kdim}: sets the dimension of the Krylov subspace $\kappa$. Can be used in: \inltt{ModifiedArnoldi} and \inltt{Arpack}. Default value: 16.
\item \inltt{evtol}: sets the tolerance of the eigenvalues. Can be used in: \item \inltt{imagShift}:
provide an imaginary shift to the direct solver eigenvalue problem by the specified value.
\inltt{ModifiedArnoldi} and \inltt{Arpack}. Default value: $0.0$. Works only with \inltt{Homogeneous} set to \inltt{1D} and inltt{ModeType} set to \inltt{SingleMode}.
\inltt{ModifiedArnoldi} and \inltt{Arpack}. Default value: $0.0$. Works only with \inltt{Homogeneous} set to \inltt{1D} and \inltt{ModeType} set to \inltt{SingleMode}.
\item \inltt{nits}: sets the maximum number of iterations. Can be used in: \inltt{ModifiedArnoldi} and \inltt{Arpack}. Default value: 500.
\item \inltt{LZ}: sets the length in the spanswise direction $L_z$. Can be used in \inltt{Homogeneous} set to \inltt{1D}. Default value: 1.
\item \inltt{HomModesZ}: sets the number of planes in the homogeneous directions. Can be used in \inltt{Homogeneous} set to \inltt{1D} and \inltt{ModeType} set to \inltt{MultipleModes}.
......@@ -166,6 +166,7 @@ possibly also Reynolds stresses) into single file;
\item \inltt{equispacedoutput}: Write data as equi-spaced output using simplices to represent the data for connecting points;
\item \inltt{extract}: Extract a boundary field;
\item \inltt{gradient}: Computes gradient of fields;
\item \inltt{halfmodetofourier}: Convert \inltt{HalfMode} expansion to \inltt{SingleMode} for further processing;
\item \inltt{homplane}: Extract a plane from 3DH1D expansions;
\item \inltt{homstretch}: Stretch a 3DH1D expansion by an integer factor;
\item \inltt{innerproduct}: take the inner product between one or a series of fields with another field (or series of fields).
......@@ -440,6 +441,13 @@ to visualise the result either in Tecplot, Paraview or VisIt.
\subsection{Convert HalfMode expansion to SingleMode for further processing: \textit{halfmodetofourier} module}
To obtain full Fourier expansion form a \inltt{HalfMode} result, use the comand:
FieldConvert -m halfmodetofourier file.xml half_mode_file.fld single_mode_file.fld
\subsection{Extract a plane from 3DH1D expansion: \textit{homplane} module}
To obtain a 2D expansion containing one of the planes of a
......@@ -466,7 +474,7 @@ To stretch a 3DH1D expansion in the z-direction, use the command:
FieldConvert -m homstretch:factor=value file.xml file.fld file-stretch.fld
The number of modes in the resulting field can be chosen using the command-line
parameter \inltt{output-points-hom-z}.
parameter \inltt{-{}-output-points-hom-z}.
The output file \inltt{file-stretch.fld} can be processed in a similar
way as described in section \ref{s:utilities:fieldconvert:sub:convert}
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