Commit 3618c7cb authored by David Moxey's avatar David Moxey

Tweak tolerance for energy field

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......@@ -12,13 +12,13 @@
<value variable="rho" tolerance="1e-12">5.26e-11</value>
<value variable="rhou" tolerance="1e-12">1.08199e-09</value>
<value variable="rhov" tolerance="1e-12">1.13107e-09</value>
<value variable="E" tolerance="1e-10">1.06807e-06</value>
<value variable="E" tolerance="1e-8">1.06807e-06</value>
<metric type="Linf" id="2">
<value variable="rho" tolerance="1e-12">1.70021e-10</value>
<value variable="rhou" tolerance="1e-12">9.76513e-10</value>
<value variable="rhov" tolerance="1e-12">9.81855e-10</value>
<value variable="E" tolerance="1e-10">8.31031e-07</value>
<value variable="E" tolerance="1e-8">8.31031e-07</value>
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