Commit 870850d8 authored by Chris Cantwell's avatar Chris Cantwell

Merge branch 'fix/cwipi_mpi_tag' into 'master'

CwipiCoupling: fix m_recvTag being larger than MPI_TAG_UB on some systems

See merge request !973
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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ v5.0.0
- Fix ability to have periodic boundary conditions that are aligned by a
rotation rather than just a translation (!933)
- Added a coupling interface to exchange data between solvers at run time
and a DummySolver to test the implementations (!853, !931)
and a DummySolver to test the implementations (!853, !931 !973)
- Fix compilation issue with newer Boost versions and clang (!940)
- If only `NEKTAR_BUILD_LIBRARY` is enabled, only libraries up to and including
`MultiRegions` will be built by default (!945)
......@@ -140,10 +140,13 @@ void CouplingCwipi::v_Init()
"recvFieldNames", m_config["RECEIVEVARIABLES"].c_str());
m_recvTag =
boost::hash<std::string>()(m_couplingName + m_config["REMOTENAME"] +
m_config["LOCALNAME"]) %
// MPI_TAG_UB is guaranteed to be at least 32767, so we make
// sure m_recvTag < 32767. Only caveat: m_recvTag is not guaranteed to be
// unique.
m_recvTag = boost::hash<std::string>()(m_couplingName +
m_config["REMOTENAME"] + m_config["LOCALNAME"]) % 32767;
cwipi_add_local_int_control_parameter("receiveTag", m_recvTag);
m_spacedim = m_evalField->GetGraph()->GetSpaceDimension();
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