Commit ac53048b authored by Spencer Sherwin's avatar Spencer Sherwin

Merge branch 'fix/mlsc-partitions' into 'master'

Fix multi-level static condensation for certain graphs

See merge request !943
parents 246a85ed ebc21145
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......@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ v5.0.0
- Fix manifold face curvature nodes (!913)
- Fix writing 1D surfaces (!930)
- Fix surface string parsin in BL splitting (!937)
- Fix issue with MLSC after Scotch conversion (!943)
- Add support for Gmsh 4.0 mesh file format (!964)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<description>Helmholtz 2D CG with P=5 with disconnected domain</description>
<parameters>-v Helmholtz2D_Disconnected.xml</parameters>
<file description="Session File">Helmholtz2D_Disconnected.xml</file>
<metric type="L2" id="1">
<value tolerance="1e-12">3.24525e-08</value>
<metric type="Linf" id="2">
<value tolerance="1e-12">1.35327e-07</value>
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -167,39 +167,25 @@ namespace Nektar
std::vector<SubGraphSharedPtr>& leaves) const;
MULTI_REGIONS_EXPORT int CutEmptyLeaves();
MULTI_REGIONS_EXPORT inline int GetNdaughterGraphs() const;
inline const SubGraphSharedPtr GetBndDofsGraph() const
return m_BndDofs;
inline void SetLeftDaughterGraph(
MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr graph)
MULTI_REGIONS_EXPORT inline int GetNdaughterGraphs() const
m_leftDaughterGraph = graph;
return m_daughterGraphs.size();
inline void SetRightDaughterGraph(
MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr graph)
m_rightDaughterGraph = graph;
inline MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr GetLeftDaughterGraph()
inline const SubGraphSharedPtr GetBndDofsGraph() const
return m_leftDaughterGraph;
return m_BndDofs;
inline MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr GetRightDaughterGraph()
std::vector<MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr> &GetDaughterGraphs()
return m_rightDaughterGraph;
return m_daughterGraphs;
SubGraphSharedPtr m_BndDofs;
MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr m_leftDaughterGraph;
MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr m_rightDaughterGraph;
SubGraphSharedPtr m_BndDofs;
std::vector<MultiLevelBisectedGraphSharedPtr> m_daughterGraphs;
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