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Additional features for Python bindings

Dave Moxey requested to merge dmoxey/nektar:feature/python-features into master

This MR adds some additional features for the Python wrappers:

  • remaining 1/2/3D shapes in StdRegions, LocalRegions and SpatialDomains
  • Curve class in SpatialDomains, along with some additional functions in MeshGraph and the Geometry classes
  • ContField* and DisContField* classes
  • factor maps to enable e.g. calls to HelmSolve

Some additional regression tests are added to test the functionality of the above. Additionally, the storage of the AssemblyMap inside GlobalLinSys and Preconditioner objects has been changed to a weak_ptr to avoid a circular reference that was causing segfaults with the Python code on program termination.

Edited by Dave Moxey

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