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Fix flowrate feature for homogeneous cases

Andrea Cassinelli requested to merge fix/flowrate3DH1D into master

The flowrate feature currently has issues in the homogeneous case with force explicitly defined (not aligned with the Fourier expansion). The following need to be addressed:

  • Fix area calculation by initialising communicator for ExpList2DHomogeneous1D (the boundary) and adjust v_Integral to carry out AllReduce with the whole communicator.
  • Since VectorFlux (in MeasureFlowrate) applies to a 1D expansion, divide the area by the spanwise width.
  • Make sure VectorFlux is retrieving the correct flux.
  • Add documentation specifying that in the case of force aligned with the z-direction the force should not be specified.

Attached are the test cases being cross-checked.

channel_3D.xml channel_3DHom1D.xml

Edited by Andrea Cassinelli

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