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WIP: Add m_state to Array<OneD, T>

Spencer Sherwin requested to merge feature/Array_state into master

Add a state identifier to Array<OneD, T> which has he following characteristics:

Array<OneD, NekDouble> myArray;

myArray.SetState(eCoeffState); (set one of the states listed below to 1)

myArray.HasState(eCoeffState); (check the State and return a book. I have setup options with 1,2 and 3 arguments).

myArray.ResetState(eCoeffState); (reset this state back to 0).

The current enum states I have set up in SharedArray are:

enum States
    eCoeffState,       // In Coeff spae otherwise in Physical space 
    eFourierState,     // In Fourier space
    eGlobalState,      // Global coefficient space otherwise local coeff space
    eInterlacedState,  // Data is in interlaced format
    ePaddedState,      // Data is padded  
    eCollPaddedState,  // Data is padded for collection usage. 
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