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Update build config to build SolverUtils by default when not building solvers (fixes #259)

Jeremy Cohen requested to merge fix/solverutils-without-solvers into release/5.0

This update modifies the build system to build the SolverUtils library by default when NEKTAR_BUILD_SOLVERS=OFF.

A new dependent option has been added - NEKTAR_BUILD_SOLVERUTILS. I NEKTAR_BUILD_SOLVERS=OFF, you can also set NEKTAR_BUILD_SOLVERUTILS=OFF if you don't want to build the SolverUtils library. As a dependent option, setting contradictory option values - i.e. NEKTAR_BUILD_SOLVERUTILS=OFF NEKTAR_BUILD_SOLVERS=ON - results in the solvers AND the SolverUtils library being built.

Fixes #259 (closed).

Edited by Chris Cantwell

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