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Edward Laughton requested to merge feature/nonconformal into master


This adds non-conformal support. Full 3D and parallel are supported. Majority of implementation is in SpatialDomains/Movement folder and MultiRegions/AssemblyMap/InterfaceMapDG. See user guide additions for description & follow interpolation method here A comparison of interpolation techniques for non-conformal high-order discontinuous Galerkin methods.

Also includes:

  • Barycentric derivative interpolation, see Fast Barycentric-Based Evaluation Over Spectral/hp Elements using PhysEvaluate overloading
  • Some new MPI functions & some DG trace exchange improvements in parallel
  • Some geom ID <-> trace ID/object functions in ExpList
  • Multi-domain input/output for Nekpp files
  • Multi-domain input/output for HDF5 files, bumped FORMAT_VERSION to 2 to maintain backwards compatibility
  • New filter to calculate the integral of a variable on a mesh composite ---> Splitted into separate MR (!1409 (merged)) by @mlahooti
  • Use the DisContField copy constructor in EquationSystem if variable has same expansion infos
  • Improvements to IsentropicVortex equation system allowing for altering parameters via session file
  • Update ExtractSurface2DCFS to use boost program options ---> Splited into separate MR (!1407 (merged)) by @mlahooti
  • Tidied up LocalRegions and StdRegions expansions, removing redundant ''const'', adding override/final keywords etc...
  • Removed unused variables that were giving warnings on latest Apple Clang
  • Removed default copy constructors that were giving warnings on latest Apple Clang
  • Added cmake-build-* to .gitignore for CLion build directories ---> Splitted into separate MR (!1405 (merged)) by @mlahooti
  • Change deprecated ''sprintf'' to ''snprintf'' ---> Splitted into separate MR (!1406 (merged)) by @mlahooti
  • Fixed the comments in VmathArray for function Vvtvvtp ---> Splitted into separate MR (!1408 (merged)) by @mlahooti
Edited by Mohsen Lahooti

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