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Add a new feature of partial slip boundary condition

Ankang Gao requested to merge gaoak/nektar:feature/constantSlip into master

Issue/feature addressed

Generally, the no-slip condition should be satisfied on the solid wall. For hydrophobic materials, however, partial slip on the wall is allowed. This merge request added an implementation of a partial slip boundary condition with a constant slip length.

This merge request is also a preparation for the wall model branch !1266 (closed)

Proposed solution

The partial-slipe model is set as a Dirichlet-type boundary condition, where the boundary velocity equals the multiplication of the slip length and wall-normal velocity gradient. The slip length is specified in the boundary condition.


A new calss SlipWallBoundaryCondition is created to evaluate the slip velocity. A relaxation iteration is added in the function VelocityCorrectionScheme::v_SolveViscous to enforce the partial-slip boundary condition.



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