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Draft: fix-Removing duplicate function GetMetricInfo

Mohsen Lahooti requested to merge fix/removeGetMetricInfo into master

Issue/feature addressed

In library/SpatialDomain/Geometry.h there are two functions defined which are exactly the same with different names. The first is GetGeomFactors and the second is GetMetricInfo. Both were used interchangeably and such unnecessary duplication introduced inconsistency in naming across the code. for example in some places the member function is defined as m_geomFactors and in some m_metricInfo

Proposed solution

Removed the GetMetricInfo function and replaced it with GetGeomFactors. Similar for m_metricInfo which is replaced by m_geomFactors The reason that GetGeomFactors is used, aside from its origins in Geometry, is that there is a GetRefGeomFactors function in Geometry.h that is consistent with GetGeomFactors and using this name will reduce the number of changes. Otherwise, the GetRefGeomFactors should be renamed to GetRefMetricInfo for naming consistency and to revise the code accordingly.



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