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Add vars and dirs options in the gradient module to specify fields and partial derivative directions

Ankang Gao requested to merge gaoak/nektar:fix/ProcessGrad into master

Issue/feature addressed

The gradient module in the FieldConvert processes all fields and all spatial derivatives, but sometimes we only need the spatial derivatives of some fields at some directions.

Proposed solution

An option "vars" is added to specify the fields to be processed. Both the field numbers and names can also be used, such as "var=0,1,2" or "var=u,v,p". Another option "dirs" is added to specify spatial directions for derivatives. Both number and name can be used, such as "dirs=0,1" or "dirs=x,y".


"vars" and "dirs" are set as configures options in m_config in class ProcessGrad

m_config["vars"] =
    ConfigOption(false, "NotSet", "Select variables");
m_config["dirs"] =
    ConfigOption(false, "NotSet", "Select directions");




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