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Fix fld file import with singlemode expansion

Issue/feature addressed

In function void ExpListHomogeneous1D::v_ExtractDataToCoeffs, the offset, which is 2 for single mode expansion, is not added when building the m_zIdToPlane. This causes the restart file and the bodyforce file cannot be properly imported, since the planes they contained are IDs 2 and 3.

On the other hand, the baseflow file is on plane ID 0. If we added the offset=2 to m_zIdToPlane, the baseflow will not be corrected imported.

close issue #320 (closed)

When importing the baseflow, the code assumes that the variables and their orders in the baseflow and in the session files are the same. Sometimes, the baseflow is computed from another solver or generated by combining several files. These situations are not considered in the current code.

Proposed solution

An argument std::unordered_map<int, int> zIdToPlane is added to functions ExtractDataToCoeffs and v_ExtractDataToCoeffs. The default value of zIdToPlane is an empty map. If zIdToPlane is unempty, it will be used to replace the origional m_zIdToPlane.



A test has been added.


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