Draft: Fix for setting the right optimisation flag for nodes that are on more than 1 curve or surface

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Issue/feature addressed

When assigning optiKind (a flag to determine the range of movement a varopti node can have), the code was testing if the node is exactly on a single curve or surface with == 1. Nodes which are also vertices, or node that connect two surfaces, are not caught by this check and are assigned the wrong optiKind flag, which sometimes can cause issues with a node moving away from the CAD instead of sliding on it.

Proposed solution

Ensure that the correct flag is assigned to the nodes.


Changed the condition from if == to just the if (i.e. anything but zero), which will account for cases where it is on more than a single curve / surface.


Might effect the current VarOpti tests - WIP.

Suggested reviewers

Dave, Kaloyan, Jingtian


Some testing is still required.


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