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Tidy up tolerance in NekLinSystIter and NekNonlinSysIter solvers

Jacques Xing requested to merge CFD-Xing/nektar:tidy-up-tolerance-solver into master

Issue/feature addressed

The main objective of this MR to remove the tolerance argument in v_SolveSystem function call in order to use parameters provided from NekSysKey during construction. This reduce confusion about who is responsible of setting/controlling tolerance and iteration parameters for the linear solvers. Related changes are summarized as follow:

  • Remove GetIterativeTolerance and related code from AssemblyMap
  • Rename NekNonlinSys as NekNonlinSysIter for consistency
  • Rename NekNonlinSysNewton as NekNonlinSysIterNewton for consistency
  • Remove virtual functions ConvergenceCheck from NekSys.h base class.
  • Add specialized (with specific signature) ConvergenceCheck function to NekLinSysIter.h subclass.
  • Add specialized (with specific signature) ConvergenceCheck function to NekNonLinSysIter.h subclass.
  • Remove m_maxiter and m_tolerance from NekSys.h base class.
  • Add m_NekLinSysMaxIterations and m_NekLinSysTolerance member variable to NekLinSysIter.h subclass.
  • Add m_NekNonLinSysMaxIterations and m_NekNonLinSysTolerance member variable to NekNonLinSysIter.h subclass.
  • Move m_rhs_magnitude and SetRhsMagnitude from NekLinSysIter.h to NekSys.h base class.
  • Remove redundant m_LinSysRelativeTolInNonlin variable.

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