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Addition of general MemoryRegion

Issue/feature addressed

Currently the Field class has member variable that is a MemoryRegionCPU with several ancillary methods that work on the variable. This member variable and the associated ancillary methods need to be generalized for general host/device usage.

Proposed solution

*A new class MemoryRegion has been introduced which the Field inherits from. At the same time this class is used in the operators so allow host/device usage.

Importantly this class uses the notion of valid host/device data rather than the notion of whether the data is "on" the device which will not work.

At the same time I have introduced the concept of execution and memory spaces which is ubiquitous in Kokkos and I believe should be moved into the base operator class. It allows for a more general way of understanding where an functor is executing and the location of the memory.

When combined with the MemoryRegion one generically asks for a pointer to memory. Depending on the memory space of the operator the appropriate data is returned.

The above have been implemented across all operators.

I have also introduced storing the basis data via the BasisKey which is similar to what is done in the CUDA implementations.

Note the MemoryRegion in BwdTransMatFree uses a vec_t whereas the BwdTransCUDA uses a TData (double).

I have also done some cleanup in the MatFree so to remove m_basis which was redundant given the expansion list is also stored. *


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