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Draft: Feature/scaling mesh

Kaloyan Kirilov requested to merge meshing/nektar:feature/scaling_mesh into master

Issue/feature addressed

*Scales the coordinates of the mesh (Linear or High-order) with user-defined scaled coefficient. This is useful when users have CAD or have created the high-order/linear mesh with the wrong dimensions (mm vs m). Several users have requested such functionality. *

Proposed solution

*A very simple module that takes X Y Z coefficients and scales the coordinates (vertices, edgeNodes, FaceNodes). *


A very simple module that takes scaleX scaleY scaleZ coefficients as an input and scales the coordinates of the (vertices, edgeNodes, FaceNodes). It has 3 loops over vertexSet, edgeSet, faceSet. If no coefficient is given by the user, no scaling is performed in this direction.


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