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Fix error output streams

Dave Moxey requested to merge dmoxey/nektar:fix/error-output into master

This MR fixes ErrorUtil so that when using Nektar++ externally, programs can redirect output from error messages. Presently this is broken as the error stream is a header-only variable, meaning that each library likely has its own variable for the error stream. It also makes a few additional changes to Tester:

  • All Nektar++ library code has been removed (mostly ASSERTs but also the factory) which was preventing this from working with the changes, and also decouples the tests from the code entirely so that Tester is a standalone executable.
  • A few compiler warnings fixed.
  • Verbose mode now actually prints out some stuff during testing.

The remaining changes relate to removing boost::lexical_cast headers from ErrorUtil.

Edited by Dave Moxey

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